Verito Asprilla
y Li saumet

Apoteósica the inevitable encounter of Verito Asprilla and Li Saumet from Bomba Estéreo. An anthem celebrating female power.💥️

We were commissioned to design the cover for the single. Our approach involved crafting a minimalistic piece, carefully curated to spotlight select details while maintaining a powerful composition. This deliberate simplicity allows the inherent beauty of both artists to shine through, captivating the viewer's attention from the moment they lay eyes on the title.

Another artist from the mighty Discos Pacífico, also produced by Cerrero and recorded between Tumaco, Santa Marta, and Villa de Leyva, 'Apoteósica' is a song that grabs and doesn't let go. Verito's indomitable flow, Saumet's powerful verses, and the strength of the bass are the formula for a recipe that shakes dancers and leaves all women with a song to sing at the top of their lungs.

We were also tasked with designing the poster for Verito's upcoming Spring Tour, set to captivate audiences worldwide.

The culmination of our project involved creating a visually engaging piece – a graphic language that not only showcased the lyrics but also invited viewers to sing along. The outcome? An experimental videolyric where we skillfully utilized After Effects and Photoshop layers. Our aim was to keep it simple yet potent, ensuring the song's energy permeates through. Take a look and experience it firsthand.




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