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The third song by the Barcelona based band Beat Pambelé, this song makes a link between that notion of the squirrel (as an unsocial animal that ends up joining other pairs to climb to the top of a tree) with the concept of the migrant individual who finds belonging in the diaspora.

The story behind the video was that we wanted to create a simple video that was easy to watch as you are listening to the song.
So with that idea in mind, we just decided to ride down Barcelona in a skate and them we just did sequence shots as we rode the streets. Then we we just make it super graphic and texturized so it suits the song better.
The result is a smooth ride through the streets of Barcelona with a perfect soundtrack.

Checkout the song on plattforms.

released May 26, 2023
Lyrics: Zē Fuga
Bass: Jorge Avellaneda (Nea)
Keyboards: Santi Pianoman
Mix: Ditosin
Master: Ondaselecta
Cover and Graphics: Nixer x La Murga Visual

This are Social Medial graphics.

The cover was handprinted in linocut and then mixed with handmande type in phothoshop, these are some images of the process.




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