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“The album is meant to sit side by side with the original, showing the tracks in a new context, reimagining them for a sound system or a dreamy dancefloor without straying too far from the original intentions.”

Cover design, social media artworks and animations were created from pictures from the original album MINUK-AURORA, they had a beautiful photoshot with talented photographer Manuela Uribe.
From there I started an exploration for texxtures that would somehow “mix and remix” with eachothers to create this new layered style artwork that combines essential colors without loosing the essence of the album, something that was also greatly executed by EL BUHO who produces this organic and electronic masterpiece.

Go and check some of Manuela’s work on her Ig account @manu_uribe_foto ︎

and also more great music from El Buho on Bandcamp. ︎

The looping cover design for this album...



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