Samir Oliveros. Colombia 2017

After accidentally killing a bearded goat with their father’s truck, two incompatible siblings in their teenage years, embark on a journey of reconciliation. Corn and Rita must find a way to repair the truck in time to pick up the tourists that will be staying at their family’s hotel. As they struggle to find the means necessary to conceal the accident, the siblings will visit a butcher, rastafari drum makers, pawn shops, car mechanics and even a witch doctor, in a 24-hour adventure around Port Paradise.

The movie was release internationally in South by South West SXSW 2017
and this is the oficial poster design by La Murga.


This is a Colombian film produced  by Solar Cinema and released last year, in this movie I was able to work trough out the hole process, that started 3 years ago as a Kickstarter project and then became a reality.

“...Their natural performances are effectively framed by the remote Port Paradise locale, with its faded signs and rusted buildings making a lived-in, time-honored statement against the lush island greenery.”
Michael Rechtshaffen. The Hollywood Reporter

The reviews were amazing and we all are so trhilled to be a part of it.


But before getting there a lot needed to be done...

Here’s the story from the Art Deparment point of view, enjoy!

In this Colombian movie I had the pleasure of working as part of the art department, under the direction of Lulu Salgado, we were in charge of transforming Old Providence a small caribean island into Port Paradise a fiction island town where this story takes place.

This is our side of the story...


First things first, every city need it’s own flag and of course you need law inforcement to keep order.

Painting the police car with a Goshtbusters style.

The art department was a team of people from Bogotá, Mexico and locals who played a very importad role in building all the locations, but to be fair everyone on the preproduction was very much involved in the process as you can se in this picture where even the director is giving us a hand.

This was the first location, the Rastas House where a comunitty of musicians live from the land and play spiritual music.

Rastas chillout space

Then we needed Denton Hotel, the family’s house and the way for them to make a living out of turism season.
This is how it look like when we got there.

The place needed a sign and we decided to do it by hand as locals actually do it on the island.

In Corn’s room we can se a few posters that were design inspired by local Providence artist and also doing a reference to a few jamaican artist.

Goldie’s is the owner of the pawn shop, a very special place they get to visit in the film and a very special project in art terms too because of the way the place was when we get there.

The sign was also hand made caribbean style.

There isn’t a lot of police activity to do in a small island but still there has to be a police station.



This wanted poster I designed was a wink to Peter Tosh by the way.

In the Autoshop we used a bar as the location and it worked very good.

Hand made sign.

This is the original vector design.

The Butcher’s shop where they go and sell the goat’s meat was a place that had his name after a special Kickstarter suporter that actually paid to name it, it was pretty cool.

The poster on the wall was related to a horse race that was initially planed to take place but at the end that scene didn’t make it, in that scene there was a moment where you get to know Dj Bones that was playing tunes in the city’s local radio station Paradise Radio.

Race poster.

Radio station logo.

In this caribbean oddisey around the island they visit a gas station that was actually a revival of and old one that was abandoned long time ago. We have to painted to match the new logo identity.

Off course in a small town there’s a stadium but we needed also teams for the island, that’s how the Blue Lizards and the Golden Goats came to life.

In the film you can’t actually realise this 2 logos are there becuse the scenes past so fast and the are really small but they’re there.

There’s another location that took a lot of work specially from the locals that were doing tje wood job beacuse we needed a platform that suported a floating shak that’s was a witch’s house, this house is on corns allucination.

The voodoo tree was build for the beggining of the movie when the goat is introduced.

And the movie credits design by La Murga also.

Here’s the movie logo.

Extra stuff designed for props of the movie.

This are some member of the art department at the end of the shooting and some Behind the scenes.

Alfonso Rodríguez (Poncho), Elvis Gaviria, Lulú Salgado (Production Desinger) and Nicolás Molina.


On March 2017 the movie was officially realeased to the world at South by South West film festival in Austin, Texas.  Read some of the critic reviews:

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