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Llorona Records presents the ‘Plumas’ (Feathers) EP of Biomigrant

Michael Wagner, better known as Biomigrant, crossed Central America from the US in bicycle and arrived to Colombia to stay, at least for now, as his nomadic spirit tells him it is the place where his music blooms.

And so, with calm, patience, and perseverance, like watching the world from a bicycle, Biomigrant has dedicated himself to listen, learn, record, and bring into his universe of electronic music the sounds that form the heart of Latin America. Music connects and transforms, a medium to share stories from the innocence of dance, joy, and gatherings, and that’s what the Plumas EP sounds like, discovering a well-kept secret and making it our own to join a collective voice.

The Plumas Ep is born from two unexpected encounters in the Colombian Caribbean. The first, in the National Aviary of Colombia en Barú, in an artist residency where Biomigrant recorded the songs of the immense diversity of birds in the sanctuary, and the second when he met Juan Bertel ‘Pampei’, one of the few remaining musicians who play the Arco de Boca (Mouth Bow) in the region.

The experience in the aviary led to the creation of a sound library of birdsong and the track that gives its name to the release, ‘Plumas’, while the stories of Pampei and the hypnotic sound of the Arco de Boca sparked the second song, ‘Pampei y los Pájaros’ (Pampei and the birds).

The two songs are accompanied by stop motion music videos (Found on the Biomigrant Youtube channel). The video for ‘Plumas’ was created entirely through claymation by Imagu Lab, a Venezuelan audiovisual studio based in Bogotá. The ‘Pampei’ video was made entirely from paper by Yuyarikuna Films, a Colombian animation studio based in Buenos Aires. The two videos show a glimpse of the sense of magic always present behind everyday life in the Caribbean territory of Colombia.



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