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1821 Pictures in association with Adrenaline Entertainment and Candelaria Films in association with Solar Cinema proudly invite you to experience CAVEWOMAN.

Essentially all images surrounding Angeliki Papoulia’s imposing performance are off-screen but their sound allow you to imagine them, your imagination complements the film.

Along the outstanding sound design by La Tina, the experience invites you to join not only as active spectators but as active creators of the film.

Premiered on the 63º Thessaloniki International Film Festival

4K Image & Binaural Sound TEASER, be adviced that the experience is better with headphones.

CAVEWOMAN Teaser from Solar Cinema on Vimeo.

This work was created in association with BOX FILM COMMUNICATION, a creative agency for film communication that is betting on new ways to reach audiences and create innovative products for film marketing. 

You can see more from BOX on their website... linked right here. ︎ www.boxfilmco.com



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