From Old Providence, Colombia.

Elkin Robinson is a musician and songwriter born in Old Providence Island in the caribbean. His music is the evolution of the folklore of the region, which highlights traditional elements like mentó and calypso, executed on typical instruments like tinafono (Tub-tub making role of a bass), the horse jaw-bone and maracas; recreated with new airs, rhythms and colors.

I had the pleasure of working with them in several projects including the cover and album sleeve design for their second album Sun a Shine’  a very personal favorite, this album is now charted as one of 2017 colombias’s best recordings in popular lists such as Shock, Thump and Rolling Stone Colombia among others.

Front of the record:

Sleeve design

Posters that travel with Elkin and LLorona Records on their visit to WOMEX 2017 (World Music Expo) en Katowise, Polonia. 

They were selected to represent Colombia musically in one of the biggest musical exchange of the world nowadays.

Screenprint version

Promotional T-shirts design.



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