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En Palabras [migrant stories] is a creative writing collective, made up of people from Latin America, interested in researching, writing and sharing stories about the vital experience of migrating.

They develop workshops of creativity and literary exploration guided by professional poets, and writers in which they try to find a common voice, shape memories and discover stories and testimonies, with the aim of building a new narrative on Latin American migrations in Spain .

Translated from www.enpalabrasbcn.com

Year after year they keep growing bigger creating stronger and more powerful experiences for the people that decide to join their workshops.
And this year will be no exception.

They wanted to create a more visual yet simple invitation for migrants to feel motivated to come join them.

We decided to create this composition based on the hands as simbols of the journey we as migrants have to embrace, the hands can be expresive, they can create, and also tell a story, write it anywhere and make it come to live.

That was our inspiration for this series of post aimed to invite people to come share their stories.

logo loop animation & design by La Murga visual.

If you want to learn more about them, here is their website:



We also worked together in the visual identity for the workshop on 2022, the idea was to continue doing a very similar thing and try to update the hands illustration and using them to give continuity to the project.




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