︎Poster / lightning design / live lights mix 


The AMBIENT 1 program at Casa MUTEK x Reebok presents the debut of the Pianorig Session by Francesco Tristano. The Pianorig sessions are an immersive sensory experience that emanates from a soundscape orchestrated live by Tristano, which develop into an intricate amalgamation of light and design. The music breathes in harmony with the structure, pianorig has its own rhythm and calls for interaction with the space.

Under the direction of Falcon Muse Creative we created this inmersive space for Francesco to play his music in an atmosferic and evolving eviroment that shifted colors and lights in real time as the show was taking place.

Using 2 led lights and a color mixer, I was in charge of moving from one atmosfere to another throughout the entire show.

Poster designed by La Murga Lab.

The color shifted as the music evolved and so was the atmosfere and texture, that led to an experience of your emotions being affected by music and light.

That´s how we transformed this space...

Into this!!



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