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by Naked Nation

Juan Pablo Vega collaborated with Naked Nation and under the direction of Mario Rincón to create this audiovisual and animated trilogy. Two characters who share a life when they meet in a bar and become famous thieves.

What starts badly will end up screwing up everything, or at least that is what they propose in the first chapter of a trilogy of videos, which are set to music by the artist's songs.

“It is the first time that Juan Pablo Vega has published an animated video. Being an imaginary parallel world brought to reality through illustration allows an alienation of the original story and play with different elements to tell the story. It was a totally new experience motivated by the global situation that has dictated the pandemic and that the artist deeply enjoyed, in his own words he mentions: "I am very happy with the result."

text extract from: Colectivo Sonoro


A few screenshots taken from the videos:

The crew for this audiovisual journey:

“The video for ”Ojos tristes“ was directed by Mario Rincón and produced by Naked Nation and is the third chapter of the animated trilogy that began with “Joderlo todo”, followed by ”Apagar la luz”

In this part of the story, the characters live a forbidden adventure and are faced with the dilemma of letting go of instincts or ending the relationship and moving on, but they are well aware of the consequences and the pain of making the decision.”

Text taken from: Diario El Espectador


This are the 3 videos that were created on this project:




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