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A variety of posters and flyers designed for different clients and for different reasons, mostly musical reasons.

This animation was created by Mostros Lab, an idependent audiovisual house in charge of creating visuals for great colombian artist, this was not our only colaboration, check out their work.


Read Vice’s magazine article.

A visual project by Gelatino, an Ice Cream shop at Bucaramanga, Colombia. This one ended up being a notebook.

full project here.


From Old Providence, Colombia.

Elkin Robinson is a musician and songwriter born in Old Providence Island in the caribbean. His music is the evolution of the folklore of the region, which highlights traditional elements like mentó and calypso, executed on typical instruments like tinafono (Tub-tub making role of a bass), the horse jaw-bone and maracas; recreated with new airs, rhythms and colors.

I had the pleasure of working with them in several projects including the cover and album sleeve design for their second album Sun a Shine’  a very personal favorite, this album is now charted as one of 2017 colombias’s best recordings in popular lists such as Shock, Thump and Rolling Stone Colombia among others.

Front of the record.

Sleeve design

Posters that travel with Elkin and LLorona Records on their visit to WOMEX 2017 (World Music Expo) en Katowise, Polonia. 

They were selected to represent Colombia musically in one of the biggest musical exchange of the world nowadays.

Screenprint version

Promotional T-shirts design.


Llorona Records is a Colombian music label that also envolves in cultural projects inspired by Caribbean and Latin american roots and folk music based in Bogotá – Colombia.

We’ve been working toghether for a few years in programs that look to inspire new generations into building a musical identity mixing culture, music and education.

For this post card Llorona wanted me to create a small logo tag for ‘sonido original’ a phrase that define their sound, and they wanted it to get along with the original cocrodile made by colombian graphic artist Mateo Rivano in celebration of their tenth aniversary.

I also created this gif animation of the tears for social networks.


Llorona needed a small broshure to showcase 2 of their artist Elkin Robinson and Dub de gaitas, we came up with a design that when folded show a illustration of them each on a folded side, so there was no front or back therefore the same importance for each one of them.


Artistic residency for culture, music and nature preservación on the colombian pacific region, more specifictly Chocó. (2016).

From working 10 days straight with 25 artist from all of the pacific zone, creating art and reinforcing aur cultural roots, this beautiful project was born, that seeks to empower people into preserving their natural enviroment and precious forest.

The group that won the convocation, was able to record their song in a portable studio made by llorona, that way ‘tambores del Tolo’ was able to carry their marimba music to other regions of Colombia spreading their culture.


Here’s how the CD label desing for that recording looks like.


Plantario is an Instituto Distrital de las Artes - Idartes endeavor that creates a plattform with several talks and workshops trying to boost all those musical projects that are resently rising in the city.

Take a look:


Polen records, Tambora records, Palenque records, Sonidos Enraizados and Llorona records, five major colombian record labels united for WOMEX 2017 and decided to create a unique piece involving songs from the artist catalogue, I was commanded to create the artwork for that compilation.

“Los cinco sellos abanderados del sonido alternativo e independiente colombiano se aliaron para crear una joya invaluable.”

Entry on Noisey.
An alliance of independent record labels.

Here´s what most of Llorona’s visual identity looks like from La Murga’s point of view.

Check out Llorona’s official website.

Spreading di vibes...



Morzillah is a collective of music selektors, MC’s and a powerfull drummer. The collective’s idea is to spread the caribbean sounds and it’s multiple expressions from latin ,central america and around the world, but we really don’t have a especific genre, we can go from salsa to reggae, from dancehall to jungle, from ragga to hip hop, as we like to say from roots to dembow, music selected with the intention of making you move your hips, but on top of that we have a monkey drummer that plays to the beat making it impossible to stop dancing.


We came up with the idea of combining Godzilla with a sound system, to represent a powerful sound.



We like to have featurings all the time, talented artist that we respect and support.

Thanks to TUT Studio, we ended up creating collectibly a tune with the lyrical machine Big Mancilla an awesome MC who gave the song a very special flow.
He then joined us on stage, this is the artwork for that show.

Unfortunately we haven’t release the single yet but here’s the artwork for ‘Garosa’.


Part of a home made video of Garosa live.

Poster for Morzilla’s gig at Festival Hermoso Ruido on 2016.

Alongside Mr Vieira and Manu Ranks on Hermoso Ruido.

Gif it to me baby.

Another featuring BLVKBONE & GANESH at the extinct Casa969 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Here’s Manu Ranks ripping it at El Antidoto on 2016.

This gig was special for us, we played with Radio Mixticius, an independent radio station from Bogotá that has grown sticking to their unique afro dance style, that’s why we created this gif’s and poster as a social network campaign for that night at Auditorio Lumiere.

Listen to Radio Mixticius here.

Muévelo muévelo muévelo mami!

Event Poster

Monkey man the drum killah.

With Blvkbone and Ditoxin on stage.


Morzillah at El Mero Mero, great food and a really cool local venue.

Here’s El Mero Mero tacos FB.

Morzillah at Cine Tonalá.




San Basilio de Palenque, the first free slaves town in America, one of the most cultural and musical representative comunities of Colombian’s caribbean.

Declared by UNESCO as intangible heritage of humanity, this region has been birth home of huge musical artist such as  Las Alegres Ambulancias, El Sexteto Tabalá, las Estrellas del Caribe, Charles King y Luis Towers, among others.

The project was born with the intention of spreading and supporting the rising Palenquera’s sound trought the creation of a musical compilation that brings together the new generation of artists who are the ones keeping the Palenque’s cultural traditions alive.

On 2013, recorded 14 tracks including the work of several bands from the new sound of palenqueros music, looking to reunite not just riddims and traditional singing like the girls from the choir  “Mamonasitas ri Palenge Kandá”, whom will be the next generation of ‘cantaoras’ , but also a new musical dimensions with artists like Juan “el futuro de la Champeta”, or MC’s from Hip Hop corporation“Kombilesa Mi”  to even a reggeaton preformer “David Records”, around others.

Thanks to Radiolem for the chance to bring live and color to this sounds.

This was the CD label that shows all the artist recordings from the people involved in this experience, on the internal cover are the pictures of all these young and talented artist willing to be immortalised along with their music.

The records was sung on spanish mostly but you can also hear songs on their own Palenquero a spanish based creole that add a unique african touch to the music.

You can here the songs here.

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