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Colombian Mc & Producer living in Barcelona.

The act of migrating forever marks the lives of the people who carry it out. There is an origin and a destination: the entire internal universe that we carry from our origins marks the trajectory that we follow at the destination. In reality, this is how human life is at the North Pole and in the jungle, at sea and in the mountains... but it is the immigrants who have the feeling of a "here" and a "there" deeply marked in their lives.

In his own words:

“Nosotros is a song that tries to gather that feeling in verses, specifically that of the Colombian diaspora of the last decades. Throughout my musical career, the fact of migration has always been present, I have approached it from different angles, but I had not made a song about migration as complete as this one.”

"Las estatuas is a nod to all those monuments to colonialism that fall when people go through periods of social revolt. In this case, to those who fell in May 2021 during the general strike in Colombia.”

The instrumentals are in charge of the MC and producer from Burgos Majestik aka Meino, and the mixing and mastering by Dj Device.



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