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PA’ QUE BAILEN (Cerrero dub mix)

Verito Asprilla is undoubtedly one of the revelation artists of this year, a name that will surely continue to give people something to talk about as one of the representatives of the new urban music that from Tumaco and the Pacific sounds more and more loud.

The single ´Pa que bailen´ from his first EP ´Mundo Lila´ edited by Discos Pacífico continues to reverberate on the dance floors and is a secret bomb for DJs in the alternative Latin scene. Cerrero, producer at the head of Discos Pacífico and Llorona Records, presents us with a new version of ´Pa qué bailen´ from its already emblematic dub sound, taking the song to a darker and more hypnotic side and highlighting Verito's verses between echoes and reverberations.

Mixed at Llorona Records and Mastered by Jessica Thompson, this version gives us another look at the possibilities of the music of Verito Asprilla, the rising star of the Colombian Pacific.



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