In a deserted land, Caviche and Chelina face a difficult decision when, fearing her violent father, she decides to interrupt her unexpected pregnancy. To finance the abortion, they feel forced to venture into the world of gasoline smuggling where they embark on a challenging journey. Amid the aridity of the road, their love will be tested as they fight to survive and find a way out.


a film by Sebastián Parra R.

This project took flight a few years ago with Solar Cinema, back when the movie was just an idea on paper.
We had the incredible opportunity to bring its visual universe to life, crafting every graphic element that would define its identity.

It all started with the movie logo, where we began weaving the concept of a desolate landscape that added a unique texture and depth to the film's entire graphic design.

Still from the movie title scene.

'Semilla del Desierto' portraits a harsh world devoid of childhood, where survival is paramount. It portrays a dystopian yet familiar society, touching the heart, addressing ignored truths, and prompting introspection on human reality.

TRAILER SEED OF THE DESERT from Solar Cinema on Vimeo.

The result was a cohesive visual experience that resonated with audiences, bringing the movie’s world to life in a truly authentic way.

This concept carried through to the design of the title and final credits. We had a big vision, working tirelessly to bring this project to life. Every design choice, from color palettes to typography, was carefully crafted to enhance the story.

For the poster, we aimed to create a style rich in texture without feeling outdated. Our goal was to make it stand out, especially in this initial version.

Introducing "Semilla del Desierto," an extraordinary drama that immerses you in a world where childhood is a scarce commodity, underscoring the essence of survival. This thought-provoking story paints a dystopian yet deeply relatable society, where the loss of childhood innocence is caused by socioeconomic limitations.

In a deserted land, the main characters face a difficult decision when, fearing a violent father, they decide to interrupt an unexpected pregnancy. To fund the abortion they become gasoline smugglers and embark on a challenging journey. Their love will be tested as they fight to find a way out.

This was the film’s first poster idea.

Solar Cinema the production house responsable for the film was founded a decade ago in Bogotá, Colombia, driven by an unwavering dedication to crafting original films that redefine the limits of cinematic expression.

This project was created in collaboration with Box Film Communications, a creative studio specializing in compelling and visually captivating communication strategies for businesses in the arts, film, culture, music, and festivals. 

The movie was a winner of the Proimágenes FDC National movies fund, and will be released this year.

Here’s a sneak peak from the behind the scenes.

In theathers soon!



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