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sabana mensajera

Born in Bolivia and raised in Belgium, winning several Red Bull Elektropedia battles, Susobrino has gained international reputation as one of the artists in forefront of Latin America´s rooted electronic music scene. ´Pocualeíto´ Susobrino´s laters record was released on released on Kebrada, the label founded by legendary duo DengueDengueDengue.

In all but 6 minutes, Susobrino takes us through a representative journey of his music inspiration, oscillating between the old and new, modern and roots. It’s clear throughout the track the artist’s love for Afro-Latin percussion and related rhythms, which, alongside the electronically manipulated track, takes centre stage. ´Sabana mensajera´ is a track that encapsulates the artist’s love for travel and music, both packaged in a neatly energetic and innovative dance floor bomb that is symbolic of Latin America’s take on electronic music. It is a contemplative journey through the electronic avant-garde, accumulating the best snippets from major genres such as Cumbia to firmly ground us in the region that is the source of inspiration.

A transformative track that takes the listener through a variety of ambiences allowing us to imagine life on a typical Latin American dancefloor, Messenger Sheet showcases a new and pleasing avenue for Llorona Records.

There was also a great gig!

Illustration, cover and posters design and animation by La Murga Visual.




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