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Totem Tizita: Nostalgia in the rhythm of the Colombian diaspora.


"Tizita" means memory, nostalgia or longing in Amharic, one of the languages of Ethiopia. This is the name given to one of the pentatonic scales of the Amhara people in the Horn of Africa, and some Western listeners compare it to American blues or Portuguese fado for its melancholy charge.

It is precisely this force of evocation of the past that Beat Pambelé intends to express in “Totem Tizita”, the eternal internal conflict of the migrant looking back after having laid the foundations of his life in another place.

illustration and cover design by La Murga Visual.

The musical atmosphere of the song is loaded with sound designs and dub and trip hop atmospheres leaning towards electronics, a spatial sound that comes together with the lyrics to recall Bogotá from Barcelona.

We created a videolyric to follow up the lyrics that express the feeling of being an migrant living in europe. Check it out right here!

In this song they have the collaboration of Tarquim on saxophone, a Valencian musician also based in the Catalan capital, leader of his own Latin jazz combo and member of the reggae big band The Gramophone Allstars.

We also created the SSMM strategy campaign, for this we recreated the texture for the illustration and animated separetly.

As the lyrics say: we are diaspora in the world and we are looking for a totem against uprooting.

We believe that the chorus of the song is a powerful statement to say as Colombians who migrated to Barcelona and start creating a life in a new country, we look back to our roots and cultural influences with a bit of nostalgia but empowered by the fact of being Latins and representing our roots.

Litteraly translates: “Before Europe by body in los andes” as a reference to the cordillera that runs throughout South America.



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