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The "alabaos" are songs of farewell, laments of the soul made to help people in need and alleviate the pain. Lamento written by Cerrero and Cankita, the musical director of visionary ensemble Bejuco, is an alabao brought to Cerrero's ethereal dub universe. 

Another artist from the Discos Pacífico family.

Discos Pacifico is a music creative hub, a record label created by Llorona Records and #territoriosdeoportunidad to celebrate music from the south Pacific coast of Colombia.

Featuring powerful Lizeth Micolta's voice and recorded live in the Llorona Records studio, Lamento is a haunting ambient piece, another roots and future exploration by the Discos Pacifico family, together under the name of "La marea". "La marea" are Lizeth Micolta and Juan Carlos "Cankita" Minidiero of Bejuco, Juan Daniel Landazuri of Agrupación Changó and Duvan Mancilla of Semblanzas del río Guapi gathered in Villa de Leyva joining Cerrero for Lamento.




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