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Julie Sévilla Fraysse is one of the most valuable cellists in the world and a promising talent into the young generation of classical music artists. Considered a new phenomenon and gathering together a large and new community around her, she represents like none other, the classical excellence as well as the French elegance and modernity. Blend of a genuine, humble and sophisticated musical approach, JSF touches her audience through a unique energy, enhancing the vision and opening minds into the classical music global scope.

Bleu Danube produce for Julie a series of videos promoting the artist, the title design and SSMM assets were design by La Murga visual.

Also they asked me to design this beautiful Vinyl with can be bought on Diggers Factory. ︎

In her own words:

“ These two concertos by J. Haydn are great classics of the cello repertoire. Personally, I find them to be part of those special pieces that accompany a cellist in the different stages and moments of his/her life. I have had the chance and the pleasure to play them several times with orchestra. This type of “solar” music speaks to me a lot.

Concerto No. 1 in C Major was written around 1762 for cellist Joseph Weigl, who was hired at the same time as Haydn at the court of Prince Paul II Anton Esterházy. This concerto has a frankness and a healthy and naive simplicity that is quite touching. Robust but never aggressive, delicate without being cutesy. The ending is brilliant, but not ostentatious. It is in this sense that I like the authenticity of Joseph Haydn in his writing.

Twenty years later, Concerto No. 2 in D Major was written. Much more delicate and subtle than the first, this technically difficult concerto does not, in my opinion, support the slightest variation in style. We find the same simplicity and freshness, but this time tinged with melancholy and maturity. At no time is the technicality there to compensate for a lack of musical inspiration. On the contrary, it is at its service.

Both recorded in one day, the urgency and the energy deployed will leave me with an unforgettable and unique memory of this day which was a real moment of life. I was fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful musicians and friends. I wish you a pleasant listening and hope that the joy and the passion with which I recorded this disc will be transmitted to you! “



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