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LOS GUASANGÚ (Cerrero remix)

Semblanzas del Río Guapi

Discos Pacífico and Llorona Records present the remix of Cerrero de Los Guasangú, one of the most powerful songs from Voy pa' allá, the acclaimed album by Semblanzas del río Guapi.

The staff of Los Guasangú could forever sound like an infinite mantra, everything is so beautiful, the jungle, the river, Limones, the strength of Semblanzas del Río Guapi, its charm, its charm. The remix of Cerrero de Los Guasangú is techno with a Guapireña soul, the meeting of the powers of Discos Pacífico in a dark and dense version like the mysteries that the Colombian Pacific hides. A tribute to Voy pa' allá, the acclaimed album with which Discos Pacífico presented the music of Semblanzas del río Guapi to the world. 

An exploration from the samples of the original recording, the drum machines, the console and the download of Cankita's marimba, musical director of Bejuco. Let yourself be carried away by this celebration of the Discos Pacífico family from the universe of the project of its producer Cerrero.



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