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19 years old Verito Asprilla has become one of the great revelations of music from the Colombian Pacific.

Another artist from Discos Pacífico.

designed by La Murga Visual.

® Mava Villamizar.

From Tumaco, Verito surprised us in 2022 with his first EP, Mundo lila, three songs in which he shows a fun and innovative proposal: Pa Que Bailen' is an infectious song with a chorus in jargon, a typical tongue twister from the Colombian Pacific, celebrating The Tumaqueña party, Letras Millonarias for its part, talks about succeeding as an artist and fighting for their dreams, on a trap beat. Finally, I am not your Princess confronts machismo and celebrates the independence of women.

Album Artwork designed by La Murga Visual.

You can listed to this powerful project right here.

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