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Remix by Cerrero

‘Yo me Voy’  was the last song recorded for the Batea album. The idea was to make a download so that the musicians of Bejuco could shine in an extensive instrumental song in the best style of Fela Kuti, an important reference in the whole development of the concept of the first album of the Tumaco group. This remix was recorded live at the llorona records studio in Villa de Leyva in a reinterpretation of the work alongside Cankita and William Martínez. Samples of the original recording, a casio synthesizer from the 70's courtesy of @casarealidadyensueno and the prodigious voice of William, for this version, a shadow of the original, B-side, dub and Latin American electronics. "

Taken from LLorona Records Bandcamp

For the artwork to this cover we wanted to recreate de official Album Cover but as graphic metaphore of a remix, so as Cerrero did for the song we used some elements present on the cover and we translated them into a new illustrated but dreamy atmosphere which was our idea as we listened to this sweet dubby and futuristic tune.

Listen up for yourselves and travel with this amazing song.

Another great project with Discos Pacífico.



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