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All journeys have some nostalgic moments, a moment to look back home. But also as migrants we keep moving forward, we keep making connections , we keep findings places to show our culture and the way we represent it, diversity is always a constant in Colombian identity and this event unites some of those projects that celebrate Colombian culture from Barcelona.

Exhibitions will remain all month in display.

- MEMORIA GRÁFICA (exhibition)
Sample of representative examples of graphic art in independent musical production in Colombia during the last two decades, a journey trought album covers created by Colombian artists.

The role of women seekers of victims of forced disappearance.
Peace Brigades International


Sonido Manglar is a project BORN in the city of Barcelona, made up of Colombian musicians passionate about the sounds of the Caribbean.
Manglar applies the force of electronics in powerful compositions tinged with roots and tropical percussion to drag the audience into a trance of joy, dance and energy.

Beat Pambelé a musical - visual collective formed by Colombians living in Barcelona during the 2020 Pandemic. Musically exploring the sounds of trip hop, hip hop, with dub and downtempo impregnated by Caribbean music influences.

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